Lowara DOC3/A Submersible Pump 0.33Hp/1.25"
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Lowara [Mfg Code: DOC3/A]

Lowara DOC3/A Submersible Pump 0.33Hp/1.25" SKU:107540000

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Lowara DOC pumps are versatile, corrosion-resistant and compact – Ideal for draining wells, garages, cellars or places subject to flooding, septic tanks and powering garden fountains.

GT versions have compact tubular float switch, allowing the DOC pump to be used where standard float design can-not work due to insufficient space. These versions can only be used with clean water and installed vertically.

Lowara Doc 3 Submersible pumps for clean and dirty water. They are available in three versions with channel or Vortex impellers. Supplied with or without float switch. Built-in capacitor. The motor is cooled by the pumped liquid and thermal overload protection to protect the pump in case of overheating.


Delivery: up to 14m3/h

Head: up to 11m

Power supply: three-phase and single-phase 50 and 60hz

Power: 0.25 kW to 0.55kW

Maximum immersion depth: 5m

Temperature of pumped liquid: 0°C to 40°C

Liquids with suspended solids: Doc 3 and Doc 7 up to 10 mm, Doc7VX up to 20mm

Insulation class: B

Protection : IP68

Length of cable: 5m (for internal use) 10m (for external use)

Product Specifications

Technical Details
Dimensions (L x W x H) 155 x 155 x 245 mm Weight 4 kg
Material Stainless Steel Voltage 240V 1Ph 50Hz
Max Flow 8 m3/hr Max Head 6.9m
Connection type 1 1/4 Inch BSP Female ... ...


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