Greenlee 34403 Multi Hole Step Bit 7/8"
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Greenlee [Mfg Code: 34403]

Greenlee 34403 Multi Hole Step Bit 7/8" SKU:34403

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The Greenlee 34403 multi-hole step bit features faster penetration through 3/8" mild steel, copper, brass, aluminum, wood, plastic and laminates. The well-balanced flute construction of the step drill bit requires less pressure. An oxide coating provides heat and corrosion resistance, increasing the life of high speed steel drill bits. The greenlee drill bits will resist walking and skidding, even on round surfaces.

Product Specifications

Technical Details
Dimensions (L x W x H) 3.5 x 6.8 x 1.2 in Weight 104 g
Capacity Cut Up Through 3/8 IN (9.500 MM) Mild Steel, Copper, Brass,Aluminum, Wood, Plastic and Laminates Type Multi Hole
Hole Size   3/16 IN (4.800 MM), 1/4 IN (6.400 MM), 5/16 IN (7.900 MM), 3/8 IN (9.500 MM), 7/16 IN (11.100 MM), 1/2 IN (12.700 MM), 9/16 IN (14.300 MM), 5/8 IN (15.900 MM), 11/16 IN (17.500 MM), 3/4 IN (19.100 MM), 13/16 IN (20.600 MM) Maximum Material Thickness 3.500mm
Minimum Chuck Size  9.500mm ... ...

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