Airman PDS185S-6C2 Air Compressor 185Cfm/100Psi/7 Kgf/Cm2
BHD 5,460.000
Airman PDS265S-4B2 Screw Air Compressor 265Cfm/100Psi/ 7Bar
BHD 7,875.000
Airman PDS750S-4B1 Screw Air Compressor 700Cfm/101Psi/7Bar
BHD 17,640.000
Airman SDG-100S Silent Generator 80-100Kva 3HP/50-60Hz
BHD 7,560.000
Airman SDG-125S Silent Generator 100-125Kva 3HP/50-60Hz
BHD 9,345.000
Airman SDG-25S Silent Generator 20-25Kva 3HP/50-60Hz
BHD 3,832.500
Airman SDG-45S Silent Generator 37-45Kva 3HP/50-60Hz
BHD 4,830.000
Airman SDG-60S Silent Generator 50-60Kva 3HP/50-60Hz
BHD 5,670.000
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