Miller Torch Tig Wp2612R
Miller Water Hose 40V76R6 Rubber 6Ft
BHD 8.400 (inc tax)
Miller Wc-24 Control
BHD 141.750 (inc tax)
Miller Weldcraft™ W-250, 25 ft. (7.6 m.), Accessories, Torch Kit
BHD 315.000 (inc tax)
Miller Welding cable Kit 350 Amp, 50 Ft
Miller WTP18MR Braided 350A Torch Package Outfit 25FT (7.6M) (Water Cooled)
BHD 246.750 (inc tax)
Miller Xr-A Aluma Pro 35Ft
BHD 1,155.000 (inc tax)
Miller Xr-Alumafeed
BHD 1,207.500 (inc tax)
Miller Xr-S Control Push-Pull Wire Feeder
BHD 1,008.000 (inc tax)
Miller Xt30, 12Ft Hand Held Torch
BHD 115.500 (inc tax)
Miller Xt60, 20Ft Hand Held Torch
BHD 262.500 (inc tax)
MillerTip Extended Ice-60T/80T
BHD 3.341 (inc tax)
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