Water Features

Certikin Prozone Pzii-1 Pz2-1 Ozonator
BHD 551.250 (Incl. Tax)
Certikin Salt Expert 25G/H
BHD 388.500 (Incl. Tax)
Certikin Salt Expert 30G/H
BHD 472.500 (Incl. Tax)
Certikin VCI600 Waterfall 600mm
BHD 115.500 (Incl. Tax)
Certikin Waterfall 1200Mm
BHD 168.000 (Incl. Tax)
Certikin Waterfall 300Mm
BHD 99.750 (Incl. Tax)
Certikin Waterfall 900Mm
BHD 136.500 (Incl. Tax)
Oase Anti-Algae Dosing Aad10/R | By Al Mahroos (Itemshub)
BHD 1,218.000 (Incl. Tax)
OASE Cluster Eco 15-38 (DGCM) | By Al Mahroos (Itemshub)
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