Pressure Washer Accessories

Karcher Power nozzle and extension
BHD 3.938 (inc tax)
Karcher Premium multifunction spray gun
BHD 10.500 (inc tax)
Karcher Spray nozzle
BHD 4.200 (inc tax)
Karcher 1-step lance extension
Karcher 4.470-041.0 Karcher High Pressure Quick-Fitting Pipe Union A (4.470-041.0)
BHD 4.200 (inc tax)
Karcher 6.390-025.0 Hose Assembly Dn8 Max.315Mpa 10m
BHD 60.900 (inc tax)
Karcher Dirt blaster
Karcher Elbow Nt700
BHD 8.925 (inc tax)
Karcher Entkalkersticks (9 x 13 g)
BHD 4.200 (inc tax)
Karcher Exhaust Air Filter VC5
BHD 4.200 (inc tax)
Karcher Extension Hose Adaptor Set
BHD 9.660 (inc tax)
Karcher Extn. Hose K5-7Ser 10Mtrs,150Bar,60-140C. 10Mtr
BHD 51.450 (inc tax)
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