Alpina B1.0 EJ Electric Brushcutter
Alpina H60 Hedge Cutter (Euro 2) Petrol Engine Powered
BHD 101.850 (inc tax)
Echo RM-510ES Back Pack Brush Cutter, Engine-51.7Cc
BHD 315.000 (inc tax)
Echo RM-520ES Back Pack Brush Cutter, 2.16kw, 2.94Ps
BHD 315.000 (inc tax)
Echo SRM-510ES/U Brush Cutter, Engine - 51.7 cc, 2.54Ps
Echo SRM-520ES/U Brush Cutter, Engine 50.2cc, 2.94Ps
BHD 262.500 (inc tax)
Makita RBC2500 Brush Cutter
BHD 168.000 (inc tax)
Makita RBC411 Petrol Brush Cutter
BHD 260.400 (inc tax)
Stiga Sbc 645K Petrol Brushcutter
Stiga Sbc 653 Kd Petrol Brushcutter
BHD 159.600 (inc tax)
Stiga Sbc 653 Kf Petrol Brushcutter
BHD 173.250 (inc tax)
Stiga Sht 660 K Petrol Hedge Cutter
BHD 118.650 (inc tax)
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