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Kapriol Flat Chisel 300Mm Hex

BHD 0.712 BHD 1.050

A long-bladed hand tool with a beveled cutting edge and a handle which is struck with a hammer or mallet, used to cut or shape wood, stone, or metal...

Beta Flat Chisel Ribbed Type 29Mm (Length 250Mm )
BHD 7.875 (inc tax)
Beta Flatchisel(Rib)23Mm
BHD 8.715 (inc tax)
Beta Flatchisel125Mm
BHD 2.520 (inc tax)
Beta Flatchisel150Mm
BHD 3.360 (inc tax)
Beta Flatchisel175Mm
BHD 4.830 (inc tax)
Kapriol Flat Chisel 300Mm Hex
BHD 0.712 (inc tax) BHD 1.050
Stanley 0-16-537 Wood Chisel - 8Mm
BHD 4.305 (inc tax)
Stanley 0-16-539 Wood Chisel - 10Mm
BHD 4.358 (inc tax)
Stanley 0-16-542 Wood Chisel - 14Mm
BHD 4.410 (inc tax)
Stanley 0-16-547 Wood Chisel - 16Mm
BHD 4.463 (inc tax)
Stanley 0-16-549 Wood Chisel - 22Mm
BHD 4.673 (inc tax)
Stanley 0-16-554 Wood Chisel - 32Mm
BHD 6.720 (inc tax)
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