Makita LD030P Laser Distance Measurer 30m
BHD 31.500 (inc tax)
Makita LD050P Laser Distance Measurer 50m
BHD 52.500 (inc tax)
Stanley 0-30-696 Tape Measure 5M [Pack Size: 2] (Epitome Certified)
BHD 1.575 (inc tax)
Stanley 0-34-102 M.Tape Closed Case Steel Blade 10M (Mm)
BHD 3.518 (inc tax)
Stanley 0-34-297 Closed Case Fibreglass Tape 30m
BHD 4.305 (inc tax)
Stanley 60 x 12mm Fibreglass Tape-Open Case (STHT34795-8)
BHD 10.238 (inc tax)
Stanley Fiberglass Measuring Tape, STHT34262-8, 30m
BHD 4.778 (inc tax)
Stanley Powerlock Stht33428-8 Tape Rules
BHD 5.828 (inc tax)
Stanley STHT1-77139 Upto 50 m"TLM165" True Laser Measurer, Multi-Colour
BHD 89.775 (inc tax)
Stanley STHT33463-8 PowerLock Tape (10 m/33 ft.)
BHD 6.983 (inc tax)
Stanley Stht34104-8 Steel Blade Long Tape Rules
BHD 2.730 (inc tax)
Stanley STHT34107-8 Measuring Tape Long Steel 30M/100'
BHD 4.883 (inc tax)
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