Defender Box Cable Reel 15M 13Amp 240V
Defender Heavy Industrial Cable Reel 50M 13Amp 240V
Defender Industrial Cable Reel 25M 16Amp 240V
BHD 24.150 (Incl. Tax)
Defender Mini Cassette Cable Reel 5M 10Amp 240V
BHD 4.725 (Incl. Tax)
Oase Aes/Ebu Kabel Binary 234 /Sw/2X0.34M | By Al Mahroos (Itemshub)
BHD 1.260 (Incl. Tax)
OASE Cables 3G 1.5mm (DGCM) | By Al Mahroos (Itemshub)
OASE Cables 3G 10mm (DGCM) | By Al Mahroos (Itemshub)
OASE Cables 5G 1.5mm (DGCM) | By Al Mahroos (Itemshub)
OASE Cables DMX 2 x 0, 34 SW (DGCM) | By Al Mahroos (Itemshub)
Oase Connection Cable 7.5 Meter | By Al Mahroos (Itemshub)
BHD 16.800 (Incl. Tax)
Oase Dmx Box /01 | By Al Mahroos (Itemshub)
STIGA Power Cable 10M 3C x 2.5mm with Sockets
BHD 14.280 (Incl. Tax)
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