Castelgarden Xse 32 Scarifier (Electric) 1500W
BHD 68.250 (Incl. Tax)
Makita ELM3311 Electric Lawn Mower 1100W 33cm | by Almahroos (Itemshub)
Makita ELM3320 Electric Lawnmower 1100W 33cm | by Almahroos (Itemshub)
Makita ELM4110 Electric Lawn Mower 1600W 41cm | by Almahroos (Itemshub)
Makita PLM4120 Petrol Lawn Mower 41cm | by Almahroos (Itemshub)
BHD 189.000 (Incl. Tax)
Makita PLM4622 Petrol Lawn Mower 46cm (18-1/8" Self Propelling) | by Almahroos (Itemshub)
Stiga Collector 34 E Lawn Mower 1000W 230V/50Hz
Stiga Collector 35E Electric Lawn Mower 1000W
BHD 47.250 (Incl. Tax)
Stiga Collector 39E Lawn Mover Electric 1400W
BHD 57.750 (Incl. Tax)
Stiga Collector 48B Petrol Lawn Mower (1.63kw 450E push TY)
Stiga COMBI 48 E Lawn Mower1600W 230V/50Hz
Stiga Combi 48B Petrol Lawn Mower 2.13kW at 2900rpm
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