Makita ELM3311 Electric Lawn Mower 1100W 33cm
Makita ELM4110 Electric Lawn Mower 1600W 41cm
Makita PLM4120 Petrol Lawn Mower 41cm
Makita PLM4622 Petrol Lawn Mower 46cm (18-1/8" Self Propelling)
Stiga Collector 34 E Lawn Mower 1000W 230V/50Hz
Stiga Collector 35E Electric Lawn Mower 1000W
Stiga Collector 39E Lawn Mover Electric 1400W
Stiga Collector 48B Petrol Lawn Mower (1.63kw 450E push TY)
Stiga COMBI 48 E Lawn Mower1600W 230V/50Hz
Stiga Combi 48B Petrol Lawn Mower 2.13kW at 2900rpm
Stiga Combi 48ES Electric Lawn Mower 1800W 230V/50Hz (Self Propelled)
Stiga Combi 53SQB Electric Lawn Mower (Petrol 2.27kW, B&S 625E)
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