Ingersoll Randver Disc Grinder 230Mm(9")/6000Rpm/1.56Kw
BHD 442.050 (inc tax)
Toku AA-0B (H) Chipping Hammer 2Kg / 12.4Cfm
BHD 115.500 (inc tax)
Toku AA-1.3B (H) Chipping Hammer 4.5Kg /15.9Cfm
BHD 147.000 (inc tax)
Toku MD-10L Industrial Drill 3/8"
BHD 47.250 (inc tax)
Toku MD-3310B Air Drill 3/8" 9.5mm
BHD 42.000 (inc tax)
Toku MD-3311B Reversible Drill 3/8"
Toku MD-3312B Angle Drill 3/8" (Angle, Reversible)
BHD 57.750 (inc tax)
Toku MD-3413B Reversible Drill 1/2" H.D
BHD 73.500 (inc tax)
Toku MG-7206B Grinder 6Mm Collect
BHD 31.500 (inc tax)
Toku MG-7236B Grinder 6Mm Collect
BHD 47.250 (inc tax)
Toku MH-5111 (EH-5111) Air Hammer
BHD 36.750 (inc tax)
Toku MI-17M Impact Wrench 1/2" Sq Drive
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