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Makita 9218PB Polisher 7" 570W

BHD 78.750 BHD 105.000

Makita's 7” Electronic Polisher-Sander is a favorite among automotive and marine enthusiasts for polishing and sanding.The 9218PB is engineered for a wide range of polishing and sanding applications, ..

Sanding Tools

Makita 9031 Belt Sander 30mm 550W
BHD 118.650 (inc tax)
Makita 9032 Belt Sander 9mm 500W
BHD 88.200 (inc tax)
Makita 9045B Finishing Sander 114 X 234mm 520W
BHD 87.150 (inc tax)
Makita 9046 Orbital Sander 115 x 229mm 600W
BHD 106.050 (inc tax)
Makita 9218PB Polisher 7" 570W
BHD 78.750 (inc tax) BHD 105.000
Makita 9403 Belt Sander 4" 1200W
BHD 143.850 (inc tax)
Makita 9910 Belt Sander 3" 650W
BHD 71.400 (inc tax)
Makita BO3700 Finishing Sander 93 x 185mm 180W
BHD 28.350 (inc tax)
Makita BO4510 Finishing Sander 180W Pad Size 110 x 100mm
BHD 45.150 (inc tax)
Makita BO4556 Finishing Sander 200W Pad Size 112 x 102mm
BHD 36.750 (inc tax)
Makita BO4566 Finishing Sander 200W Pad Size 100 x 164mm
BHD 35.700 (inc tax)
Makita BO4901 Finishing Sander 115 x 229mm 330W
BHD 85.050 (inc tax)
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