Cutting Tools

Makita 2414B Cut-Off Machine 14" 2000W + FREE A-87672 Makita Metal Cut-Off | by Almahroos (Itemshub)
BHD 162.750 (Incl. Tax)
Makita 2416S Cut-Off Machine 16" 1430W | by Almahroos (Itemshub)
BHD 216.300 (Incl. Tax)
Makita 3706 Cut-Off Tool 6.35mm 550W For Gypsum | by Almahroos (Itemshub)
BHD 49.350 (Incl. Tax)
Makita 4100NH Tiles Cutter 4-3/8" 1300W | by Almahroos (Itemshub)
BHD 46.200 (Incl. Tax)
Makita 4107R Concrete Cutter 180mm 1400W | by Almahroos (Itemshub)
BHD 262.500 (Incl. Tax)
Makita 4112HS Angle Cutter 305mm 12" 2400W | by Almahroos (Itemshub)
BHD 262.500 (Incl. Tax)
Makita 4131 Metal Cutter 185mm | by Almahroos (Itemshub)
Makita CA5000XJ Aluminium Groove Cutter 1300W (Also Bill Guide Rail) | by Almahroos (Itemshub)
BHD 288.750 (Incl. Tax)
Makita CC301D Cordless Cutter 85mm 12V Max Li-Ion (2 Batteries and 1 Charger) | by Almahroos (Itemshub)
BHD 88.200 (Incl. Tax)
Makita DCS551Z Cordless Metal Cutter 150mm 18V Li-Ion (Without Battery and Charger) | by Almahroos (Itemshub)
Makita EK6100 Power Cutter 12" 2 Stroke Engine | by Almahroos (Itemshub)
BHD 535.500 (Incl. Tax)
Makita EK7651H Power Cutter 14" 4 Stroke Engine | by Almahroos (Itemshub)
BHD 660.450 (Incl. Tax)
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