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Karcher AB20 Air Blower

BHD 294.000 BHD 346.500

Drying made easy: whether vertical, horizontal or angled, the AB 20 air blower delivers high performance and outstanding results every time thanks to innovative axial vane technology. The compact case..

This limited offer ends

Karcher AB84 Air Blower

BHD 199.500 BHD 236.250

With the air blower AB 84 we offer a robust, mobile and powerful dehydration machine after spray extraction cleaning. With its ergonomic handle and the two wheels the machine can be transported easily..

Echo DM-6110 Duster & Mist Blower 23L Tank, Engine 58.2Cc
BHD 262.500 (inc tax)
Echo ES-250ES Shred 'N' Vacs Blower, Vacuum & Shredder
BHD 120.750 (inc tax)
Echo PB-770 Power Blower, Engine 63.3Cc
BHD 273.000 (inc tax)
Karcher AB20 Air Blower
BHD 294.000 (inc tax) BHD 346.500
Karcher AB84 Air Blower
BHD 199.500 (inc tax) BHD 236.250
Makita BHX2500 Petrol Blower 24.5cc 0.52L 64.6m/s
BHD 122.850 (inc tax)
Makita DUB182Z Cordless Blower 18V DC (Without Battery & Charger)
BHD 37.800 (inc tax)
Makita MT Series M4000 Blower
BHD 15.750 (inc tax)
Makita UB0801V Electric Blower & Vacuum 1650W
BHD 57.750 (inc tax)
Makita UB1102 Blower 600W
BHD 33.600 (inc tax)
Makita UB1103 Blower 600W Variable Speed
BHD 36.750 (inc tax)
Stiga SBI 327 V Petrol Blower
BHD 73.500 (inc tax)
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