About Itemshub

Itemshub [Powered by M. H. Al Mahroos] is a unique e-commerce platform for industrial equipment accessories and spare parts. Itemshub aims to make online B2B and B2C shopping easy and convenient in addition to providing the best price point and services to our consumers.
Itemshub has over 200,000 products and original manufacturer parts from reputable brands such as Makita, Yanmar, Robin, Genie and many more.
Our mission is to create a trustworthy and unique e-commerce platform for users to find their machineries, accessories and spare parts online. We aim to provide genuine machinery equipment and spare parts at a competitive price to the region.
Our vision is to revolutionize the way of ordering parts, machinery, and accessories. Moreover, educate the customer about those machines.

Why Itemshub

Streamlines the Procurement Process
Simplifies the ordering procedure thus demands less time to manage
Allows better focus on getting the correct order in and done on time thus helps the team become more efficient
Remove common process bottlenecks
Makes inventory tracking easy 
A small team can handle the procurement process 
A product page rich in content which removes the guesswork
Limits over-ordering and offers a one stop solutions to your Equipments
Transparency over pricing and order information
Branded system with easy portal for ordering (Brand Pages [products and parts])